Here’s the most recent version of our intro video for the Intel University Games Showcase. We’re saving some extra special surprises for the presentation in a few weeks!

#Game Art

Check out a new concept for the guard character in our game, Logout. You’ll see it in the game very soon!

Guard Concept

#UI Update

Here’s the most recent version of our game!

Some game specifics for this video: the center reticle acts as a cross hair to help with targeting, the aim assist (left and right arrow on the agents) gives an additional feedback on the focused agent, and we use the overhead indicator to represent the state of the agent.

We are iterating all these experiences to improve and better our player experience and incorporate player feedback. Hope you all like it!


It’s fun to see how far our game has come in just three semesters! Here are some shots from old to new.

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#Happy Dance

Send happiness at people and watch them do a happy dance!


Meet our main character Quinn, a citizen of Outpost 72.T_QuinnIcon
Quinn and her brother have always looked out for each other. As kids, Quinn and Sam became hackers that bonded over their mutual love of breaking into parts of the Neural Net so they could see what happens when they mess with people’s neural profiles.
The Neural Net is used by the government for control, the people for distraction, and the world for communication. As adults, Sam buried himself in the net’s gaming communities, social media, and blogs; only coming out to eat and sleep.
Quinn has moved on to working full time so she can support her brother and herself–until the day her brother stopped responding. Recalling her skills as a hacker, Quinn is able to do the impossible and log herself out of the Neural Net so she can help her brother who is lost to the net.
Quinn has to make a choice: watch her brother waste away or try to disconnect him from the net. She has to find the source of the signals connecting the net to society’s neural profiles.
The government, guards, and neural net addicts will try to stop her but she has a way to fight them. Quinn uses her ability to hack into the Neural Net to emotionally distract citizens so she can find a way to disconnect everyone and save her brother.


We created our own emojis for our video game, Logout! They’re so cute! Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and share with your friends!

Emoji Square.png


We had a lot of fun this weekend doing motion capture for our game!


Our game got angry the other day at us and gave us this lovely bug! Ha, ha.




These four symbols represent each emotion: anger, happiness, sadness, and fear. They also represent four different groups. Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to bring people together or divide them. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and share with your friends!