The members of our studio have moved on to other projects but we are so grateful for the support and are thrilled that Logout has over 15,000 downloads! We’d love to keep hearing from you on our Steam page, click here!



Our game is up on Steam!

Here is the link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/798950/Logout/ 

Thank you everyone who got to come to the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Launch Party!

#Thesis Defense

Today we got to do our Thesis Defense and we are on track to publish our game, Logout on Steam by May 1st!!! Click the link to get to our Steam page!


#Teaser Trailer

Here is a teaser trailer for Logout, coming soon!

Featuring Tiffany Witcher as Quinn.

Click here to get to our Steam page! 

#Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that our game has been approved on Steam!!! Now you can add Logout to your Wishlist. Click here to get to our Coming Soon page!

Coming Soon

#Household Games

One of the best parts of GDC was getting to meet Jason Canam from Household Games Inc! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and play our game, Logout. 🙂 #wayofthepassivefist

Jason Canam.jpg


We’re back in Utah now and sadly didn’t place at the competition but we did get to talk about our game with the Pac-12 Network which was really fun!


It’s GDC week and some of our team is here with more coming tomorrow! We would love to get to know all of you wonderful people. Send us a message if you want to meet up. Meet Guardedsol, our game’s very own internet troll.

Screenshot 4


It’s GDC week and we are so excited to present our game at the Intel University Games Showcase on Thursday! We would love to see you there. Here is a screenshot from our game, Logout.

Screenshot 3


We think our game is alive. During a playtest today, Quinn sent a fatal error at a citizen to make them sad and then the game crashed due to a fatal error.